Friday, September 16, 2011

You Said You're a Cheese-what-er?


What a great word! But, what is it?

Let’s take the word apart:

Cheese – at its simplest explanation, its a milk based food product

Monger – a promoter or seller of items

Put it together, a cheesemonger is a seller of cheese. Sounds plain and simple, but there’s so much more to the word.

We like to say that a cheesemonger is your guide through the stinky world of cheese.

A cheesemonger is responsible for all things cheese- from procurement to storage and ripening and setting up pricing and menus. If they’re good, they’ll be able to answer an assortment of questions pertaining to cheese and its storage and varieties. If they’re excellent, they’ll be able to pair cheese with beer and wine, give you a pile of recipes, full histories, and pick out the rare nuances of any cheese. “Do you smell the hay in that cheese?” If you’re lucky, they’ll even teach you how to make your own cheese. The life of a cheesemonger does not stop there as they even dabble in the world of charcuterie i.e. meats. Meats, of course, being the perfect accompaniment to cheese.

The craft of a cheesemonger is special, rare, and not for the faint of heart- a lot of tasting is involved. As a growing food city, Miami’s cheese culture is still in its infancy. Our goal- to bring the personalized experience of cheese to Miami’s backyard. Come visit us today and talk to one of our many mongers!

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